Life inspiring city walks and guided tours in The Hague, Delft, Leiden


Is serenity in life important for you too? On our city walks you’ll learn to see the city as a source of inspiration and illustration for a long healthy happy life. You’ll recognize the 9 world famous Blue Zone-key factors around you, even where you’ll have walked many times before.

Look forward to an eye-opening walk of 60-90 minutes, that can take place anywhere in and outside The Hague, even from your office!

This is me, not exactly a celebrity yet, but hey, I wás Citizen of the Week recently 🙂

Look forward to a fresh breath of positive inspiration for yourself, your colleague, your customer, for anyone that you wish a long healthy life for.

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Walking we’ll recognize around us the 9 world famous Blue Zone-key factors, leading to a long healthy happy life in Okinawa (Japan), Ikaria (Greece), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Loma Linda (USA) and my roots Sardinia (Italy). What they do there is easily kept alive in our Western lives as well. Now you understand the name Keep Alive Walks.



We also like to be contacted by your HR-department, for ‘some positively inspiring personal attention’: And of course you may join a group walk that you see below. Or call at 06-11 33 45 11.

It will be a mixture of wise adventurous fun, combining all the key factors from the world famous Blue Zones and other insights that will make things ‘walk more smoothly’.





I very much enjoyed our walk yesterday. Even moreso on reflection, thinking about the ways that the principles of blue zone living can be all around was very valuable. Looking back at the points on your postcard (which is now in the kitchen next to the notes on blue zone food) it’s really good to be able to relate and refer to some of the examples you pointed out.


Sam takes the time to teach you insights from the way for living in Sardinia and how to apply them to your daily life. He shows you how important it is to be aware of your surroundings as a way to improve your sense of presence and quality of your daily life. The life tips and the unexpected things you get to discover through the tour make it a very unique experience.

Demos (right)

Absolutely fantastic walk. I got to learn so much about the Blue Zones, the city and had a pleasant experience. Sam is very knowledgeable and his approach is warm and personal, It was a blast.


Sam helped me to get moving again after a period of personal stagnation. I’m grateful for the personal and at times quite deep talks and for his walking and cycling tips. His sense of humour and sharing spiritual things gave an extra dimension to it all. Thanks to his ‘movement’ therapy I now see new openings again, towards a healthy life. So special!


Incredibly interesting walk! His guided tour was amazing, the members of our group had such a great time! Sam showed us that even in the most common places you can recognise the 9 Blue Zone longevity succes factors. For a more conscious and meaningful life. It gave me a moment to reflect about myself, my life and my surroundings. And we discovered some secret spots too, surprisingly.


It is absolutely one of the best things I have done in The Hague. Sam pointed out the most minute details of things that one would usually just walk past, linking these to our lives and mindful way of living. Great company, great city, great walk.


I wanted to thank you for the sessions last summer. Now at last I can enjoy running regularly at Haag Atletiek and sometimes alone. I still have to be careful not to get injured, but I run much smoother. I know how to mind my posture, how to run and breathe more relaxed and more conscious. And how to look around more. Thanks to you!


Samuele, I had a really great time! You opened my eyes to things unseen. I feel like this walk was made just for me. I hope to do another one soon.


So inspiring! Every day a run and… see, taste, smell, really experience Sardinia! How intensely happy a woman can be! Sam knows everything about Sardinia and running coaching and mindful running and lots more!



I have been running with Sam for half a year now. Every week he shows The Hague most beautiful places. And tells a lot about hem too! So my knowledge of history has improved too, next to my physical endurance. I experience even more fun in running than I used to do. Telling stories along the way, for instance on why we humans ran in the first place, we change direction also quite abruptly, entering jungle trails in The Hague, also always on the lookout for WW2 German bunkers. Sam offers this: relaxed injury free running through The Hague’s greenest and most beautiful places.


It’s great to run with Sam. I saw him replace our usual trainer at Running Blind, where I buddy blind runners too. Sam brings out the best in people, positively stimulating and with a great sense of humour. Even in a group so diverse in level and speed, everyone gets attention on his own level. He quickly analyses what’s happening with you and discusses it in a friendly way. Sure we have to work but Sam made me understand again that running should be this all the way: fun.


Great experience! A beautiful mix of awareness exercizes, trying out ‘ki’ force, being in the moment of now, feeling, smelling and even tasting! You get very practical tips for better running ánd for focusing on what really matters. Sam, an experienced runner, illustrates all this during beautiful trail runs in and around the Westbroekpark. #enjoying



During a RaidLight test Tour The Hague Sam guided two groups of trailrunners through the dunes of The Hague. He knows the dunes like the back of his hands and tells quite some interesting facts along the way. Not only you learn which berries to eat or not, you get many tips on running stile and technique. Sam has loads of experience that is of use for beginners as well as for experienced runners. One thing is clear: Sam works with passion and he presents everything with a contagious sense of humour. It’s a real treat to run with him in nature, and not just running but really experiencing, enjoying things around you.


For my birthday Sam offered me to join his trailrunning group and now I can’t do without! I had been running along lacking inspiration, but now Sam shows me how it can be nicer and better. Just running free in nature or looking for nature places in the city, each time a surprise and each time with a lot of tips to improve your running. Technique, frequency, relaxed (mindful) running and especially breathing technique. I never knew that the right technique could help make running into something so free and relaxed. In natura as well as in a running event, my results have greatly improved, and most of all it’s just só nice! Thanx Sam!


De Mindful Running-cursus met Sam in Den Haag was voor mij gezellig, leuk, ontspannen en motiverend. Het geeft mij het gevoel dat ik veel vaker wil gaan lopen. Wat mij verbaasde: ik had geen pijn, geen spierpijn en ook niet tijdens het rennen. Nergens last van! Sam is superinformatief, supermotiverend ook. Niet alleen qua wat hij zegt, maar ook zijn open houding. Hij motiveert gewoon, zijn aanwezigheid voelt heel goed. Sowieso moet je dit gaan doen, of je nou nooit gelopen hebt of heel veel loopt. Want je hebt er sowieso qua techniek heel veel aan. En als je bijvoorbeeld totaal geen conditie zou hebben, en je gaat dit doen, dan kom je erachter dat het allemaal wel meevalt. Je hoeft niet meteen tien minuten achter elkaar heel hard te lopen. Het is heel erg laagdrempelig. Ook mensen die veel lopen: meedoen! Je leert minder als een robot rennen, meer bewust, beter naar je lichaam luisteren, niet zo in de buurt van je pijngrens. En laat het dan wat langzamer gaan, je kunt zo de volgende dag wel wéér lopen!



Had a great experience with Sam again, running and walking in the dunes and along the beach. Sam takes unexpected paths you would never discover on your own and manages to make even non marathon runners feel like they are getting there and at some point even manages to make an hour of moving around effortless! thanks for the running tips and positive energy!



Super first session, so glad with the insights he shares AND I feel my running will get some momentum after all. Can’t wait for the next session!



Sam encourages you to lighten your step and to loosen your joints. Suddenly, you are freed from too much thinking – and find yourself running up a hill  with a smile on your face.

With him as a guide, you can explore your own way of running; and – surprise! – the best times are often found off the beaten track. Discovering so many new things and places in just one lesson – and experiencing a lot of fun along the way. Can’t wait till next time – highly recommended!


Impressive interesting lessons to come to rest in these stressful times. Being more aware of breath, even things around me, I feel totally zen again. And in such a great atmosphere, with Sam!


Being a non-runner I’m so glad I started running mindfully with Sam. I had tried to run before but with poor results, for too much focusing on distance and speed.

Sam shows me and makes me feel how relaxed and easy running can be, just by focusing on certain aspects inside myself. Before you know, you have covered some kms anyway. I would never have thought that I were able to do that, even with a big smile and with no pain in my muscles at all. Plus I discover new parts of the dunes. Highly recommended!


WOW! What a nice and complete ‘training’. Fluently he switches between technical tips and being aware of the surroundings, of nature and of yourself. He also knew so much about the places we came across, I felt like a tourist in my own dunes!


It was like a skiing lesson for the advanced, but then in the dunes! A bit worried before starting because I exercize a lot but hardly ever run, but Sam is like a mindful skiing guide that takes you to places where other don’t go. Meanwhile he improves your technique, makes you aware of your senses, and if you loose your way, well, he doesn’t. Where I thought the sea was at the right, it happened to be at my left. We saw the stars shining through the branches, and I did not get tired at all, because just like when skiing we stopped regularly, also to exchange experiences, introduce new tips and get back to relaxed breath. The highlight of the evening was a single track that went up and down, with a high fun factor. And before I knew it we were back at tha car, after an hour and 20 minutes. Before the start I would never have expected to run more than 3 kms, but when finishing my muscles felt supple and I could easily have run another round. (…) PS: on the day after: no soar muscles at all!


Great Italian sightseeing-fingerfood-tour running through The Hague. Everywhere we came Sam showed us nice typical Italian deli’s and trattoria’s and such lovely inner courts too. When is the next edition?


I have been running, off and on, for years now. When I reach the level of smoothness, it’s fun, but getting to that level isn’t. My breath and legs protest. Sam, now, helped me to change my mindset about running.  Thanks to his combination of three elements – running, mindfulness and breathing techniques – I run freely again, mentally and physically free. Breathing through my nose gives me more energy and so more joy. Moreover, running with awareness makes me enjoy running and see something of my surroundings too. I wish I could run with Sam every single Saturday morning!


As an officially listed tour operator, I organise retreats and workations and adventures and (Healthy 100) VIP Tours on Sardinia too. Yes, one of the Blue Zones on earth. Sardinia cruising inspiration on the 9 happy long living success elements of the Blue Zones. Let me inspire you on a walking tour in The Hague too![/SAM_TEKSTBLOK_START]

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