KEEP ALIVE LOVE private walking tour in The Hague’s Royal Quarter

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KEEP ALIVE LOVE private walking tour in The Hague’s Royal Quarter

With all those reasons to be disappointed, anxious, edgy, nowadays, in society… I say: most important to stay actively positive, don’t you agree?

The good news: love is the answer. That’s why in this walk we open – as a start – our eyes more for love.

On purpose we walk there where you normally would shop. But now open for loving details: selflove, love towards nature, material, people, community, humanity.

And you will see: it’s before our feet, all around us. More than you thought it was: it was always there. We just have to see it more, see more, open up more.

Indeed, walking & talking in The Hague’s finest historical part we will see it more, more present, in more and more details. In art, products, people, details, intentions, philosophy.

Come and feel the increasing presence of loving details, places and people. From artistical to meaningful to symbolical. Inspiring! Free spirit! Healthy to walk outside.

We start at Sint-Jacobskerk, Grote Kerk, The Hague. Not for a religious reason, but surprisingly spot on: love is also about selflove, to start with.

We walk in The Hague’s historical Royal Quarter. Questions?

These are private walks. One on one. Okay, max two people now. Includes a cup of coffee on the go. And it will all make this difference:

Giving not only shine, but also colour!

Pretty sure you will practice this way of walking & seeing & connecting in your own environment too:

And… participate in The Hague to enjoy discount in Sardinia: holiday home.

Only come if you think this is important:

januari 03 2021
januari 31 2021


Start: januari 3
End: januari 31
Cost: e40
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Rond De Grote Kerk

Rond de Grote Kerk
Den Haag, Nederland

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